Terms & Conditions

1.    BOOKINGS  

You will be required to give Amber June your full contact details, including mobile number and email address.

By Giving Amber June your details you give permission for Amber June Makeup to contact you in the future (if you want to opt out of communication after your booking please let us know).

At the time of enquiry Amber June will provide you with a quote of total costs including travel, discounts and extra Artists (if needed). Please note: These are subject to change throughout the booking.

A £100 non-refundable booking fee is taken at the time of enquiry. This is to be paid directly by bank transfer to Amber June. This payment secures your date with us. If for any reason we are not able to complete the job on your desired date we will issue a full refund.


We recommend having your consultation 6 months before your Wedding. This can take place at your Artists location or a location of your choosing (within reason) Mileage might be added. If for any reason you are unable to keep to your arranged consultation appointment, you must let us know via phone or email as soon as you can. 

Booking fees are non-refundable. If for any reason you do not wish to proceed with your booking once the consultation has taken place, we simply ask you to let us know in writing within 48hours this will end your booking with Amber June no more money is owed.

You will receive your final invoice 6 weeks before your Wedding, this will include the remaining wedding balance and any travel expenses which are payable directly to Amber June by bank transfer. You have 14 days to pay the final invoice from the date of issue.



Changes to the amount of people/services on the wedding day must be finalised in writing via email and confirmed with us no later than 2 months before the wedding date. This applies to both adding and deducting from the total amount of people/services. Failure to confirm deductions to the amount within the stipulated time will result in the original remaining balance being paid in full 6 weeks before the Wedding date. Once confirmed, an amended quote will be sent via email. 

If for any reason you wish to cancel your booking, we must receive this in writing via email. If your cancellation is received more than 8 weeks prior to the wedding date, you will not be charged the remaining balance. If you cancel between 8 and 6 weeks prior to your wedding you will be charged 50% of the remaining balance, and if you cancel within 4 weeks of your Wedding you will be charged in full.


Travel is charged at 45p per mile for a return journey. This is applicable for both consultations and event days, Travel costs are negotiable.


In an extreme case should your artist not be able to attend we will do our best to find you a replacement artist. If we are unable to do so we will issue you a full refund of your deposit and any travel charges paid.


If you need to postpone your Wedding due to COVID 19, we will do so at no extra cost and we will honour your original quote. We will endeavour to keep your selected Artist however this might change depending on availability for your new date. If we are unable to provide you with an Artist for your new date and no consultation has taken place, Amber June will retain your booking fee to cover all administration. If we are unable to provide you with an Artist for your new date and a consultation has taken place, Amber June will retain 100% of the booking fee and any travel owed/paid for the consultation to cover administration and the Artists time and products used.